Prison Ministry helps area inmates

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Sherman, TX - A Sherman program founded 12 years ago to help inmates in area prisons is busier than ever before. The 2nd Chance Prison and Jail Ministry just added two more Texas prisons to the growing list of facilities they visit.

The group visits area prisons to bring Christian fellowship and music and hope to inmates. 2nd Chance Ministry helps people like Allan Newton who have spent time in a state prison facility.

"In my mid 30's I got involved with meth and for 17 years I did meth on a daily basis... and I had marriages end, I ended up losing a house I inherited from my dad, everything I had I lost because of meth,” said Allan Newton of Sherman.

Newton fell on some hard times in his life, which landed him almost two years in a state prison in Dallas.

"I met Robert and Faye when I was locked up in Hutchins in Dallas in prison, and you know, when they came in and put that little sign up that said Sherman, Texas 2nd Chance Ministry, I just knew that's where God wanted me," said Newton.

It was that handful of local volunteers from 2nd Chance Prison and Jail Ministry that gave Newton a new start and mission in life.

"A little over a year ago I became involved with 2nd Chance Ministry and it's been one of the best things that's happened in my life," said Newton.

"Just to hear the area that they're from mentioned just lifts their spirits, that someone cares and that gives them a lot of hope," explained Faye Fugett, a founder of 2nd Chance Prison and Jail Ministry.

Faye Fugett and her husband Robert started 2nd Chance Ministry 12 years ago, visiting and witnessing to inmates in the Grayson County Jail.

"When you go back in and tell them ‘hey I was on drugs, doing a lot of crime, sleeping in old abandoned buildings’ you know it really helps them because a lot them they were doing the same things. It's a tremendous feeling for them to come up and say that really helped me, I was dealing with something like that,” said Robert Fugett.

Since 1998 the Ministry has grown, but it still remains one of the only groups in Texoma that reaches out to inmates in and out of prison.

"Here in Sherman there aren't a whole lot of places that an inmate can come back to that needs help and we have some goals of maybe being a resource center one day to help them,” said Faye Fuggett.

That makes 2nd Chances a vital part of Texoma.

"So if they can parole out and there is something here to help them make that transition that helps the community," said Faye Fugett.

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