Trammel sentenced to life in prison

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One man is headed to prison for a bar-room brawl that ended in murder back in 2003.

Stanley Norris Trammel was first tried for murder in 2004 for the shooting death of John Duncan that happened at a nightclub.

In 2004 a Bryan County jury found Trammel guilty but that verdict was overturned because the district attorney says the judge did not instruct the jury on Trammel's plea of self defense.

This past February, a second jury found Trammel guilty.

Today a judge sentenced Trammel to two consecutive life sentences.

Rena Duncan, the victim's mother, is ready to start to put this behind her.

"We're hoping that this'll be a healing process that we can begin actually healing. Although I do understand that Mr. Trammell intends to appeal again."

Trammel's defense announced he is in the process of filing another appeal.

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