Lake Murray Lodge not a done deal

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Plans to turn the Lake Murray Lodge into a first-rate resort may have hit a snag. Ardmore Tourism Authority officials were hoping to seal a deal today that would lease the lodge from the state.

But after two hours in executive session, state tourism commissioners chose to table the issue for further study.

Ardmore leaders have been working with the state to put the finishing touches on the contract. They presented it to commissioners Wednesday.

But commissioners say they need more time to consider a deal which would be binding for fifty years.

A state association watching out for Lake Murray employees says the deal violates state privatization laws and are turning to the attorney general for his opinion.

But tourism officials say the association is jumping to conclusions. They have no plans to close the lodge yet. They say that decision is years down the road.

The Ardmore Tourism Authority has talked about expanding their proposal to include more cabins.

The employees' association argues that would go against the proposed request, and they would have to open up the property for bidding again.

State officials say their concerns are premature.

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