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Since his tragic death in December, Texomans have held multiple fundraisers to help the family of fallen Denison. Today, one of his fire fighter brothers hosted one in Colbert, with everyone raising money doing what they love the most.

"Riding for a good cause is what its all about," said Holly Means, co-owners of RG's Rockin' Blues Club.

That's what nearly 150 people did this afternoon in Colbert, Oklahoma with the money raised going to family of Denison fire fighter Philip Townsend.

"It gets everybody together for a good cause and that's what riding is really all about to have a good time, come together and earn money for a family in need," said Means.

Holly Means' husband Bryan has been a Denison fire fighter for the last 12 years, she says that when they heard of Townsend's death they immediately wanted to help and for them, there is no better way to do that...than hitting the open roads.

"Motorcycle people are like that, they want to ride for a good cause so that's the thing, we get to ride, have a good time and all the money goes for the children," said Means.

There were bikes as far as the eye can see and people from all across the state. Coming to Colbert to honor the memory of someone who gave his life to save the community.

"Its unbelievable, the things they do for us, I couldn't do it," said rider Scott Norwood.

But Bob Jarnigan has done it serving as a fire fighter in Houston for 30 years. It touched him deeply, as it did all fire fighters, to hear the news late last year.

"When we lose a brother or sister fire fighter, we all get together and help out...when we lose one of our own we get together, that's something we do," said Jarnigan.

The riders went from Colbert, to Mead, to Denison and back to RG's, where raffle tickets were purchased and an auction was held at night, but most riders say helping Townsend's children was their driving force for showing up.

"All of it will go to help them better their education or whatever they choose to use it for, that's why we're here to ride...have a good time and make sure they're taken care of," said Means.

Organizers hope to raise between five and seven thousand dollars.

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