Folgers Employees Await Meeting & Answers

3-31-04 - Signs of change are in the air for one of Texoma's largest employers. Employees at Sherman’s Folgers Plant have been called to a mandatory meeting on Wednesday morning. They’ve been told it will concern the pending sale of the Sunny Delight juice line.

JW Childs has been the front-running company in efforts to buy the line from Proctor and Gamble. Meanwhile, 80 workers at the Sherman plant that work on the Sunny D line have waited, wondering what the buyout will mean for them.

Local economic leaders say one possibility is that the new buyer will leave the production line at the Sherman plant, working out a lease arrangement with P&G.

P&G and officials at the Sherman plant had no comment today, but all morning shift employees have been told to report to at 7am Wednesday morning, for a meeting that could last two hours or longer.. Other meetings are planned throughout the week.