First steps taken for new retail spot in Ardmore

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Ardmore city leaders are expected to sign off on the first stages of what could become a center for retail sales in the south part of town.

The intersection of Highways 70 and 77 has always been a hot spot for traffic, but infrastructure was not in place to develop the area commercially.

That may all be changing.

Big Red Drilling Fluid Incorporated owns the 24 acres in the southwest part of the intersection. Officials are asking city commissioners to rezone that land from agricultural to commercial so they can break it up into 11 two-and-a-half-acre plots to be used for retail sales.

Just across the street, construction is underway to prepare that land for commercial use. The two landowners are working with the same engineer to bring water and sewer service to the area.

Development service officials say the absence of that infrastructure was keeping that area of town from growing.

Development service director Bill Bechtal says it could be anything from restaurants to retail stores.

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