Health and biology experts talk asphalt

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it has the stamp of approval from state regulators, but would-be neighbors are not writing off possible effects of a proposed asphalt plant near Pottsboro. Around 80 people turned out for the informational meeting on the Austin College campus Tuesday.

The meeting focused on the potential dangers of all asphalt plants, not just the facility Rushing Paving is planning to build. Experts also spoke about potential flaws in the permit process and enforcement system.

Although the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has approved Rushing Paving's standard permit application, presenters told the audience it's important for them to be aware of any possible affects of a plant near them.

Biology professor George Diggs was one of the presenters at Monday's meeting.

"The people of Pottsboro are not helpless. They can actually fight this. The more info. they have and the more that other people are aware, hopefully they'll be a positive outcome," Dig gs said.

Rushing Paving officials still aren't talking publicly about the proposed plant, which is expected to be built next to the Rushing company headquarters on F.M. 120 between Deni son and Pottsboro. No word yet on when construction is expected to begin.

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