Nichols & McVeigh Tied to Fuel, Fertilizer Buys

(McAlester-AP) -- Witnesses in the murder trial of bombing conspirator Terry Nichols testified Thursday about racing fuel and storage sheds.
Prosecutors focused on what they say were efforts by Nichols and
bomber Timothy McVeigh to collect and store components of the fuel
oil and ammonium nitrate bomb used to destroy the Oklahoma City
federal building.

Former racing fuel company employee Tim Chambers says a man
resembling McVeigh bought fuel at a racetrack in Ennis, Texas, in
October 1994. Helen Mitchell testified a man using the name Shawn Rivers leased storage space from her in Herington, Kansas, in September 1994.

Prosecutors say Rivers is an alias used by Nichols and that the
fuel was stored there. And Jodie Carlson testified that McVeigh
leased a storage unit in Kingman, Arizona, in October 1994.

Nichols, who turns 49 today, is on trial on 161 first-degree murder charges and prosecutors are seeking the death penalty.