Self defense bill awaiting Perry's approval

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A bill in the Texas state legislature is awaiting Governor Rick Perry's signature that if approved would give citizens more rights in defending their property.

The bill is known as the Castle Doctrine, saying a man's home is his castle and he has the right to defend it.

Senate Bill 378 passed overwhelmingly in the Texas House and Senate. The law states if a person's home, vehicle, or place of business is being threatened, a person could shoot and even kill an intruder if they felt it was immediately necessary.

Currently a person has to make an attempt to flee before acting.

The bill also does not allow an intruder's family to sue a victim for any injuries they inflict on a an intruder when acting in self defense.

Some prosecutors say the wording in the bill is too broad, and it could allow for more mistaken identity deaths or wrongful death incidents.

The bill would also apply to situations involving kidnapping, murder, or sexual assault.

A citizen must possess a gun legally to be covered by the law. Governor Perry's spokesperson already said they governor supports the bill and plans to pass it into law.

Oklahoma also has a similar law known as the "Stand Your Ground" Law that allows law-abiding citizens to use force, even deadly, if they perceive their homes are in danger.

That law was passed in 2006.

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