School Bond Issue at Stake in Ardmore

4-5-04 - Ardmore voters will decide Tuesday to pass a bond issue that school officials say is vital for their survival. The $4.2 million bond would pay for all sorts of repairs to the middle and high school buildings, including a leaky roof, cracked walls, and outdated heating and cooling systems.

But the question for voters - is that renovation worth a tax hike? Opponents say the school would be better served by making use of funding it already has, instead of asking voters to approve a tax increase.

This isn’t time the school has asked for a bond issue for these repairs. In November, voters barely rejected a similar bond. But this time school leaders have excluded elementary schools from the bond, hoping that clears up past confusion. They also say the bond’s passage or failure will not impact any decisions to close current elementary schools.

If passed, the bond would be paid off in three years.