Buffalo Runs Over Man - Saved by Dog

3-23-04 - A Thackerville man had a close encounter with a buffalo this weekend, and has his dog to thank for escaping without serious injury. Bo Beaman first noticed trouble on Sunday afternoon, when he noticed his dogs were barking at two buffalo near his front yard. They had strayed off from a neighbor’s ranch.

But when Beaman went outside to run off the animals, a third buffalo ran over him. Beaman says, "When I turned, that buffalo was right in front of me, and hit me in the belly and knocked me out in the dirt, and kind a rolled me around a little bit." He later described it like being hit by a car going 40 miles per hour. Beaman was pinned to the ground by the buffalo, until his dog Skeeter came to the rescue. The retriever distracted the buffalo long enough for Beaman to crawl to safety.

Apparently, the buffalo managed to get across a cattle guard. But Beaman says he holds no hard feelings toward his neighbor, or the buffalo. But he may look into fencing his front yard.