Pet Recall Questions Answered

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This past week, the recall of pet foods have left many local pet owners concerned. We talked with a local vet and they say there's a lot pet owners can do to make sure their furry friends stay healthy.

In his 37 years as a practicing veterinarian Dr. Lawrence McTague has never heard of tainted pet food.

"This has been one of the first instances in where there has been a reported adulterated of food that might cause a problem," said McTague.

Menu foods recalled 60 million cans of its pet foods because of a deadly toxin that's killed more than 16 dogs and cats this past week. No cases have been reported in Oklahoma but local pet owners should pay attention to their animals behavior.

"We see depression as it advances maybe vomiting not just stand out symptoms, but the pet owner would know that something is going wrong," said McTague.

At this point, pet owners shouldn't be worried, because scientists have identified the toxin.

"At this point and time I think the source is gone and as I mentioned it was part only a small fraction of pet food that was available," said McTague.

Aminopterin was found in gravy style pet foods and if consumed can cause kidney and liver failure. However if pet owners are still concerned they should do the obvious.

"If their pet food does not contain the gravy faction it wouldn't be affected, the dry food would obviously be the safest point at this time," said McTague.

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