Grayson County Airport's Future

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Earlier this week, Grayson County airport officials announced that for the first time in a long time, the air traffic control tower would be operational once again.

It’s another step in the right direction for an airport, which many think could bring Grayson County even closer to the outside world.

It was an announcement that didn't make many headlines, but one that could pay huge dividends down the road for Grayson County.

"Well it was a great announcement, anytime you have the opportunity to open your control tower that’s a great thing which begs the question, why is this such a great thing," said Grayson County Judge Drue Bynum.

"Just like McKinney and Denton, when they got an air traffic control tower, the traffic increased greatly it also enhances the safety of the pilots and the residents," said airport director Mike Shahan.

Airport officials have entered a contract with silver state helicopters to run an air traffic control-training center at the airport. It’s a program, which Shahan hopes will in crease the number of operations at the airport by 30,000 in the next three years and one that should save the county $350,000.

"And at that point we can enter a contract tower program where the FAA will start paying us money to have controllers be in the control tower," said Shahan.

It’s the latest in a seven year renovation of an airport which features a 9-thousand foot runway and one that will be located right next to the highway 289 extension.

"The airport is the diamond in the rough, we just need to know who’s polishing the diamond," said Bynum.

"Its like your house, before you sell it, you paint it and fix it and that’s what we've been doing for the last seven years," said Shahan.

Shahan believes that once the 289 extensions are completed the airport will be located on 200 acres just west of its current location.

"Well I want it to be the economic engine for the county bringing in lots of businesses and many people and have it something to county can be proud of," said Shahan.

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