Condoleezza Rice : Al-Qaida was on the "Radar Screen"

(Capitol Hill-AP) -- Condoleezza Rice says the United States
doesn't have "the luxury" of dealing with just one international
issue at a time.
In some much-anticipated testimony, President Bush's national
security adviser is appearing before the panel investigating
Rice says before the attacks, everyone in the international
security field had al-Qaida on their "radar screen" -- and knew
it was a threat.
But she also says the Bush administration in its early stages
had other priorities as well -- including hotspots like the
Mideast, the Balkans and North Korea.
But she says the administration kept up what the Clinton
administration had been doing against al-Qaida -- and that there
was no "drop-off" in such activities before Nine-Eleven.
Rice says the new administration asked whether targeting
al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden would cripple the entire terror
network. She says the feedback they got suggested the network would
still go on.