Kinsgton officer tells his story

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KINGSTON- Officer Robert Shaw was called to the area around the 'Super C' on Sunday afternoon to break up a fight. When he went to arrest Curtis Davis, a man wanted out of McClain County for DUI, Shaw says Davis grabbed his gun and threatened to shoot.

Shaw says officers are trained for instances just like this. But his holster broke, allowing Davis easier access to the gun.

As Davis put the gun to his chest, Shaw grabbed it with both hands to push it away. That's when he says Davis fired and bullets hit the ground next to his feet.

Davis was able to get away, but authorities later found him hiding at a nearby mobile home park.

At an initial court appearance this afternoon, the district attorney charged Davis with assault and battery with a deadly weapon. The judge denied bond.

Shaw just joined the Kingston Police Department about a month ago. He twisted his knee during the struggle. The doctor told him to take it easy for awhile but he told KXII he would be back at work on Wednesday.

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