Taxi driver attacked in Denison

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DENISON- A cab driver in Denison jumped out of his car after being attacked by a passenger this weekend. Gentry Grant says he was driving down Spur 503 here early Saturday morning. He was taking a man home that had too much to drink when he was attacked.

Grant says he was driving at about 60 miles and hour when a passenger, Malon Kincaid, reached from the back seat of the taxi and put Grant in a chokehold. Grant grabbed a stun-gun rod and struck the man twice.

But the choke hold only grew stronger, so Grant stopped the car and jumped out. Police say Kincaid took over the wheel and drove off with the car.

"He was directing me to where his house was and then he just snapped and put me in a headlock. I went to go taze him and knocked him down for a second and then he came back again and started taking the tazer from me and put me in another headlock. So I slowed the car down as quick as I could and jumped out," said Grant.

Denison police arrested Kincaid soon after he drove off in the cab. He was charged with aggravated robbery and driving while intoxicated.

As for Grant, he wasn't hurt in the incident, only shaken up, and thankful that nothing worse happened.

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