Election Recount Heats Up

03-26-04 - If you thought the local primaries were over think again. Today ballots are in the hands of recounting teams as two local elections are challenged. Both the 15th District Judge race and the 336th District Judge race are being recounted, but the attention is focused on the 336th District Judgeship and allegations of party favoritism.
Laurie Blake's victory in 336th judicial district... is now in the hands of 18 people. After rival Rick Dunn found out he'd lost to Blake by over seven hundred votes his supporters demanded a recount. Dunn and his supporters call the 4.9% margin suspect. He claims the county Republican Party chairman and overseer of the primaries, Clyde Siebman endorsed his opponent. Blake says she questions Dunn’s timing. Saying he made the allegations after the results were read.
The second race being recounted is the 15th District Judge race. It was a tight one from the beginning. Amos Mazzant lost to Jim Fallon by less than 70 votes. The results are expected sometime tonight however election officials have until Monday to complete the recount.