Nichols 2nd Wife - I had affair with McVeigh

(McAlester-AP) -- The second wife of bombing conspirator Terry
Nichols is testifying in Nichols' murder trial about her
relationship with Timothy McVeigh. Marife Torres said today she had an affair with McVeigh in July or August 1994. She says eventually became jealous of McVeigh because Nichols spent more time with him than he spent with her.

Nichols sat stoically at the defense table during his former
wife's testimony.

Torres says she returned to her home in the Philippines on September 20, 1994, and Nichols called her, asking her to come back. She says she agreed to return to the U-S on the condition that McVeigh no longer visit them.

Nichols faces 161 state murder charges and prosecutors are seeking the death penalty.