Half-naked Man Invades Home - Surprises Woman

4-8-04 - For the second time in three weeks, an Ardmore homeowner awoke to a strange man inside their home. This time it happened on Pershing Street, as police were involved in a foot chase with a suspect.

Michelle Chester says a man with no shirt broke into her home, and tried to hide in her closet early this morning. "My bedroom door flies open and there's this guy in there and I do not know from Adam, and he's screaming ‘they’re going to get me, they’re going to get me’" said Chester. Chester’s daughter went outside and flagged down police, who arrested 21 year old Brandon Evans.

It all began moments before, in what is known as a quiet southwest neighborhood. Police were on Sunset street after receiving a burglary call when they spotted Evans walking down the street. But when they tried to talk with him, he ran, dodging in and out of backyards. Along the way, he'd stop to dump a shirt, a handgun, and drugs. Police suspect that’s why he ran in the first place. They do not believe he’s connected to any burglaries.

In an unrelated case, another Ardmore couple awoke three weeks ago to a man climbing into bed with them. That case also ended peacefully when the man went quietly with officers.