Mother, Children Remembered

03-28-04- Friends and family of Laura Thomas say she was a "sweet, loving mother." Many are still trying to come to terms with the murders of Thomas and her two young children, four year old Andre and one year old Leyha.

Thomas' father discovered the bodies in their Arrowwood apartment around 7:30 a.m. Saturday. All three victims were stabbed to death with a knife sometime after midnight.

Police say Laura was found nude in a hallway. She had been stabbed once in the chest.

Little Andre was discovered in his toddler bed and baby Leyha was on the floor next to the bed. Both had also been stabbed once in the chest.

Friends and neighbors say Laura was a good mother, who often took her children to the park to play with other children in their apartment complex.

All three lived in the apartment with Thomas' current boyfriend, Bryant Hughes, who was also the father of baby Leyha. Police believe Hughes was at work at the time of the stabbings.