WNJ announces new initiative

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SHERMAN - Changes are coming to a local emergency room, and it could affect how you are treated if you're looking for medical care.

Officials with Wilson N. Jones say they will screen patients before they receive treatment.

Wilson N. Jones officials tell us the new initiative will not only help patients with less serious injuries and save money, it will also allow doctors and nurses to give more attention to patients with life or limb-threatening injuries.

But what does that mean for you as a patient?

If you come to Wilson N. Jones seeking primary medical care services for a non-urgent condition, you will be examined by a registered nurse, then sent to an area clinic such as medical one.

These screening processes allow the emergency room department staff to focus their attention and efforts on urgent emergency and trauma patients.

Donna Upchurch, R.N., and Director of Emergency Services at WNJ says this will apply to all.

"And it doesn't matter if you have money. If George Bush came in here with a toothache, we'd probably send him away. That’s a little extreme...but it's not about the money...it's not about the money. It’s about where people need to be."

This is not to discourage patients and turn them away. Instead it's a way for health officials to give the recognized attention they need to patients with serious conditions.

Other hospitals in the area practicing the same method are Northeastern Medical Center in Bonham and Baylor Medical Center.

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