Durant announces dual effort to upgrade emergency standards

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DURANT - Big changes are in store for the city of Durant. The Choctaw Nation and the Durant Fire Department have teamed up to improve the city's emergency standards.

The Choctaw Nation will fund the $1.6 million emergency response complex, which will be located near the Choctaw Nation. The city will provide the man power.

Durant Fire Chief Steve Dow says the 7,600 square foot facility will house two fire trucks and six firefighters, one ambulance, and around the clock personnel.

It will also house the city's new 38-foot hazmat trailer and Durant’s civil emergency management department.

"With the new coliseum out there and all the traffic, we have an extremely long response time to get there from this station. And we know there was a need and we're just trying to figure out the best solution possible for everyone," said Chief Steve Dow of the Durant Fire Department

The department is scheduled to break ground on the new complex on April 5th.

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