Update on 289 expansion

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The state has given the green light to build the Highway 289 expansion. Right now efforts are underway to build the Highway 289 expansion, a project Grayson County commissioners say has been a long time coming.

"It’s a relief for me, because I’ve been working on this project for about 10 years and we got in the right away portion of it. It consumed a lot of my time," said Gene Short, Grayson County commissioner.

After nearly ten years of planning, the state of Texas has promised the county $85 million in pass-through toll payments to help fund the expansion.

This is not a toll road. Instead, because of the number of cars currently using 289, the state decided to build an expansion, which will also be two lanes but loop around the current highway.

The state will repay the county for the costs of building the extension.

State highway 289 builders have until June 22, 2009, to complete the road. If it takes longer than that, the builders will be fined an extra $8,000 a day.

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