TCOG working for recycling solution

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Grayson County residents have been in an uproar about the removal of a local recycling site. Now Texoma Council of Governments is trying to fix the problem.

Right now efforts are underway to make sure residents throughout Grayson, Lamar and Cooke counties are able to dispose of their recyclables in a safe manor.

The city of Sherman recently decided to close the recycling drop-off location at Albertsons, a decision that's caused some controversy with local residents.

So the Texoma Council of Governments has decided to take matters into their own hands.

Right now residents can take their recyclables to the Texoma area solid waste authority, but they say more people will recycle if there is a more convenient location.

But James Burnett of TCOG says the solution is not that easy.

"It's an ongoing effort. There’s not a light switch we can turn on and have the recycling solution for everyone."

On May 5th, TCOG will hold a hazardous waste pickup. Grayson, Fannin and Cooke county residents only can bring their hazardous waste materials to Gainesville or Bonham, and they will be disposed of properly.

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