Ardmore Children Find Loaded Gun

3-29-04 - Three young children found a loaded handgun in an Ardmore neighborhood on Sunday. The children, ages 5, 5 and 8, were playing outside a home on E Street Northwest when they found the .25 caliber handgun underneath some bushes. They brought the weapon to their parents, who discovered that the pistol had a full clip of ammunition.

The family was helping friends at the time, fixing up a recently purchased home near downtown. When the three boys brought in the gun, the adults initially thought it was a toy. But on closer inspection, the rusting handgun was not only real, but loaded.

So far, police don’t know who the owner is, but say it appears the gun is not connected to a recent shooting in Ardmore where a man was killed on the east side of town. The handgun is currently being kept in evidence lockup. If the owner isn't located, it will be destroyed.