Nichols' Defense Seeks Dismissal

(McAlester-AP) -- Attorneys for Oklahoma bombing conspirator
Terry Nichols are asking the judge in his murder trial to dismiss
the charges.
Defense attorneys say prosecutors failed to turn over evidence
in the case. The defense says the evidence includes a video showing
suspects leaving the Ryder truck used to deliver the bomb just more
than three minutes before it exploded.
No such video has been shown to exist.
Judge Steven Taylor took no immediate action on the motion, but
has said he will dismiss the case if it's shown material has been
The motion to dismiss also says prosecutors didn't provide
documents disclosed in a series of Associated Press reports that
raise the possibility of other accomplices in the bombing.
District Attorney Wes Lane has said the defense has been given
all the documents the federal government provided to him.
The defense says bomber Timothy McVeigh had other conspirators
and that Nichols was set up to take the blame for the bombing.