Former wife testifies in Nichols' state murder trial

(McAlester-AP) -- The former wife of bombing conspirator Terry
Nichols testified today that Nichols had few friends during the
eight years they were married.

Lana Padilla says he tended to be secretive and even suicidal. She says Nichols also could be a family man prone to practical jokes.

She told about being shocked by a letter from him that told her how to distribute his belongings if he died during a trip to the Philippines, where his second wife was from. Padilla got the letter about five months before the Oklahoma City bombing.

A second letter in a package from Nichols was addressed to bombing coconspirator Timothy McVeigh. Padilla says that letter told McVeigh to clear out two storage units. Prosecutors say the units contained ingredients for the bomb that destroyed the Oklahoma City federal building.