Nothing Sacred - Cemetery Victim of Thieves

4-13-04 - A crime that hits a sacred note in Ardmore – thieves robbing from a local cemetery. The Rose Hill cemetery is home to thousands of gravesites, many of which are often decorated with flowers, mementos and other personal items. But lately, several of those items have been disappearing.

Twaula Jeter is one of those victims. Her father, Jerry, passed away just over a year ago, and since that time, she's taken it upon herself to keep up his gravesite, and decorate it with personal objects. But three months ago, she placed an angel wind chime on the grave, but on her next visit, it had disappeared. She says it wasn’t the only time – numerous objects have disappeared from the gravesite over the past few months.

Rose Hill officials say this type of crime usually picks up during the spring, but there's really not much they can do to prevent it. Police echoed that statement, adding that most things stolen from a grave are never recovered.

As for Twaula, she says she plans on continuing to decorate her father's grave, regardless of the thefts.