Testimony- "Nichols Stole to Help Pay for the Bombing"

(McAlester-AP) -- An Arkansas gun dealer testified today in the state murder trial of Oklahoma City bombing conspirator Terry Nichols. Roger Moore says man wearing a ski mask and military-style clothing robbed him at his home near Hot Springs, Arkansas, in November 1994. He says the man took dozens of rifles and handguns, cash, gold and silver coins and precious jewels.

Prosecutors say Nichols committed the robbery to finance the

Moore says his eyes were covered with duct tape and he couldn't
identify the robber, but he's convinced it wasn't bomber Timothy

He says McVeigh had stayed at his home several times and the
gunman was shorter and stockier, had darker skin and a beard
visible through the mouthhole of the ski mask.

Defense attorneys say the robbery was committed at McVeigh's
request by other conspirators in the bombing. Nichols faces 161 state murder charges and prosecutors are seeking the death penalty.