Exotic Problem - Truck Loaded with Big Cats

(Anna-AP) -- The owner of some exotic animals whose care has come under scrutiny left a Texas truck stop today -- with his rig and the creatures.

James Garretson drove away after arguing with some officials for
the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to Texas. He's trying to raise money to build a permanent home for the animals near Lake City, Florida.

The rig with eight tigers, a wolf, a baby lion and a bear had een parked in Anna, about 40 miles north of Dallas, for several days. Garretson was trying to raise 15-thousand dollars for the Florida facility.

His state permit to keep the animals in Florida had expired, so he and his girlfriend drove -- with the animals -- to the Dallas area, where Garretson has family.

Garretson had been charging onlookers to feed the animals or
have photos taken with them at the truck stop.