Semi trucks keep business from general store

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BOSWELL-A property owner went to great lengths to keep business out of a gen earl store in Boswell, OK. The property owner says the General Store managers aren't paying up on a leasing contract.

Recently a Choctaw County judge said if they wouldn't pay, they'd be evicted.

The judge then granted an extension, allowing them to stay in the building for two more weeks.

The owner of the property says that's not good enough, and brought in some back up to prove he's serious.

Residents in Boswell say the General Store is a staple in the community, with groceries, video rental, and a gas station. Filling up at the general store became difficult Thursday afternoon after Mike Pierce parked two semis blocking the pumps.

"I've been paying the taxes on it for a year and haven't got a dime,” said Pierce. “I think I have the right to park it on my own property."

Pierce owns the building where the General Store is located. He leased the building to Sam and Shannon Fleming, and says he hasn't received rent payments in months.

"All of a sudden in July they just quit paying their rent and in my contract it plainly states you have to pay 36 mo. rent but they didn't pay the last two," Pierce said.

The Flemings didn't have a comment on the situation, but did tell me the store is theirs and they're entitled to this property.

A Choctaw County judge ruled an eviction notice, but the Flemings appealed the ruling, and the judge granted a two-week stay of extension. The eviction was originally scheduled for this afternoon, so Pierce says he took matters into his own hands.

"It was like a Woodstock of cars. It was everywhere,” said James “Buck” Thomas, who lives across the street from the store. “It looked like a gigantic explosion. I looked over here and didn't know what happened. It looked like a serious crime scene."

About two hundred people crowded around to witness the unusual sight. Boswell police officers asked Pierce to move the trucks, but can't require him to do so because it's private property.

Pierce says he's not moving unless given a court order or he receives his money.

"You know, even after I beat them 2-3 times in court I still offered to settle with him. I said just pay me, that's all I want is my money."

Boswell police say the stay of extension at the store is until April 19th.

KXII Staff tried to get an interview and a statement from the Flemings to hear both sides of the story, but they refused except to say the store is theirs.

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