Cost of Growth - RV Park on the way out

4-27-04 - A north Texas town and a longtime business owner are battling over zoning rights – but it’s a battle that could cost one woman her longtime dream. The Wildwood RV Park has been a staple in downtown Melissa for more than 30 years. Kathleen Baird bought the business 8 years ago, but for the past 3 years she says it’s been a daily battle to stay in business.

The city has rezoned the area and fought Baird in court over the move. Bottom line, city leaders say an RV park in the downtown area is not what they want for the future of Melissa, a growing community along US 75 just south of Grayson County.

The court awarded the city a summary judgment against Baird. That means she not only has to close down the park, but by Wednesday, she could be ordered to pay the city’s attorney fees. If she doesn't have the money, the city could seize her assets.