Severe weather rocks Metroplex

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Heavy winds wreaked havoc on areas just to our south Friday night. While Texoma was spared, some of our neighbors to the south weren't so lucky.
Just about 60 miles south of us strong winds and heavy rains beat down on the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. Residents faced power outages and damage to their homes.

In Haltom City, a suburb of Fort Worth, the wind blew the rooftops off of buildings and downed power lines. The weather destroyed homes, churches, and other buildings. Some residents say they saw baseball sized hail pelting on their roofs and cars.

In other suburbs on the east side of the Metroplex, including Rockwall and Mesquite, residents also say strong winds also caused some damage.

By Friday evening, authorities reported five people injured and one person confirmed dead.

We spoke with a Euless resident on the hail damage she saw at her home.

"We saw roofs being torn apart; there was wind damage and hail damage,” said Amanda Ingram, a Euless resident. “When it started it was really small with pea-sized hail, and then the thumps got louder as I was driving trying to race home to seek coverage."

Other residents we spoke to said they heard warning sirens in their neighborhoods, as the hail grew more by the minute.
They say the storm came quickly and left a wake of damage in its path.

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