Conner McDougall Day

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Conner McDougall has been the ultimate testament to perseverance. A horrific car accident last year took away his father and his brother, but young Conner survived and so did his fighting spirit.

“The same enthusiasm Conner showed fighting for his life, I believe the citizens in this whole community has come together to show him how much he’s doing,” said Ardmore Mayor John Moore.

Now, 2 year old Conner has improved by leaps and bounds, shattering what doctors had previously predicted.

"He has made remarkable progress he can stand up, lock his legs he can be harnessed in a treadmill have his weight suspended off of him," said Conner’s mother Sonya.

Community members have all been touched by Conner’s will and determination. Schools from Dickson to Ravia have raised money to help pay for Conner’s therapy. Even the OU women’s basketball team came to see the young boy who has defied all odds and his mother is thankful for all the support.

"Thank you is not even enough. I don’t know how to even show my gratitude, I just don’t think thank you is even enough. Its awesome we definitely have a wonderful community," said McDougall.

Now medical experts say Conner will walk again, but his spinal cord rehabilitation is costly for Conner to receive the treatment he needs from a facility in Maryland. They'll need to raise 500,000 dollars, but his family continues to believe his first steps are just a hop skip and jump away.

"Yes he will. I have all faith that he will be one hundred percent fully recovered and he will be with everyone’s kids running and playing and I completely believe that with all my heart," said McDougall.

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