Animal Waste Pool in Pottsboro

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An animal waste pool behind the Pottsboro school district agricultural barn is now being investigated by the state.

"If I'd been someone else I probably would have been upset a long time ago," said Pottsboro resident Leo Hasten.

Hasten has lived on cardinal lane in Pottsboro since 1984 and owns a couple of acres. He does not like what he sees just south of his home. It is a pool of animal waste behind the school district Ag barn.

"When the winds are right, we live north of here and the wind is blowing out of the south quite often just the other day I was in my backyard and I could smell it pretty good it was powerful," said Hasten.

Last year, the Pottsboro police department and the Grayson county environmental office received complaints about the pool. Environmental officials say the complaints came after the pool flooded over during heavy spring rains dumping contents of the pool into a nearby creek.

"It’s an act of God that caused the problem, but it’s basically an act of man that allowed the problem to exist so it’s something that we needed to look into," said Grayson County Environmental officer Jim White.

Grayson County environmental officer Jim White says the pool is located within the city limits and involves a public entity, Pottsboro ISD. That’s why they turned it over to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, who is negotiating with the school district to see if something can be done to fix the problem.

"Tell them they need to do whatever they need to do to come into compliance fill in the pit, make the pit bigger, clean the pit, close the pit or whatever," said White.

Pottsboro ISD officials would not go on camera for this story, but say they are working on getting the pool cleaned up in the next couple of weeks. Something hasten would appreciate before the summer comes.

"I would imagine in the summer time you would have mosquitoes and insect and animals come up during the night,” said Hasten.

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