Search continues for missing Denison teen

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DENISON -- Authorities and volunteers continue the search for Sean Fryer, the missing Denison teenager who has not been seen since after the prom Saturday night.

Police and family say he hasn't been seen or heard from since two o’clock Sunday morning after the Denison High School prom Saturday night.

Family members say Sean Fryar, 17, was with three other teens at a home on Bennington Court right by Waterloo Lake when he decided to go for a walk.

He hasn't contacted anyone since.

KXII has followed this story from Waterloo Lake in Denison throughout the week, where police officers continue to search.

On Monday, a search helicopter with Denison police and Fryar's classmates searched the trails around the lake in hope of finding any clues on the whereabouts of the Denison high school football player.

Crews in the helicopter say they did not find anything on their fly-over, which is a good sign for those close to Fryar.

Many others from the community have gathered by the lake to help in the search effort.

A search group from Dallas joined the search for Fryar Monday, along with canines, a DPS helicopter and other law enforcement.

As the search grows, so do concerns among family and friends.

Johnny Allen is a family friend who says the family kept quiet about Sean’s disappearance until today, waiting to see if he would return.

"They’re worried… (they'd) like for him to come on home."

Denison police officers, detectives and the state game warden are searching for the teen at friend's homes in this area, wooded areas near the lake, and the lake itself.

Lt. Mike Eppler of the Denison Police Department says they are checking every possible place he could be.

"Right now we're not going to rule anything out. We’re going to check every possible avenue."

Friends say Sean is a high school athlete, and he's active in his church, so the news of his disappearance has sent a shockwave throughout the community.

The Denison High School principal and counselor are out here waiting along with the family.

The school will be taking action as needed to talk to students upset about Sean’s disappearance.

Police say they received a few new tips on Tuesday and now plan to re-interview Sean's friend.

They also say police dogs picked up Sean's scent on Monday near a home outside of the search area, but found nothing further.

So far, police say there is no sign of foul play

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