IRS warns of last-minute Internet scams

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) - The Internal Revenue Service is warning last-minute tax filers of last-minute Internet and e-mail scams.

Today is the deadline for filing state and federal income tax returns.

The IRS says the latest scam is intended to get taxpayers to file their information on a site that masquerades as a member of the Free File Alliance.

The alliance is a partnership between the IRS and 19 tax software companies. The only way to get to the Free File program is through the official IRS Web site.

IRS spokesman David Stell says another scam is an e-mail which appears to be from the IRS and says the taxpayer is due a refund that can be claimed by clicking on a link.

Stell says the link goes to a Web site that's designed to get personal information which can be used to steal the taxpayer's money.

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