Threatening note closes Texas university; OU has scare as well

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AUSTIN, Texas - Authorities evacuated buildings at St. Edward's University (left) on Tuesday after a threatening note was found there, a school official said. At the same time, buildings at the University of Oklahoma were locked down after another scare there.

The reactions came a day after a Virginia Tech student killed at least 30 people locked inside a classroom building in the deadliest shooting rampage in modern U.S. history.

Police officers in Austin secured the perimeter of the St. Edwards campus and were searching the buildings shortly before noon, university spokeswoman Mischelle Amador. She declined to say where the note was found and said its contents were "nonspecific."

The University of Oklahoma scare started with a report that someone had been spotted carrying a suspicious object on campus, but the danger ended up to be unfounded.

"No person with a weapon has been found," University of Oklahoma President David Boren later said in a statement. "It is now believed that the person was possibly carrying a yoga mat which was mistaken for a weapon."

At St. Edward's, students who live on campus were being allowed to return to their dormitories as police finished searching each building, Amador said. Faculty, staff and all other students were asked to stay away from the campus, and morning and afternoon classes were canceled. About 5,200 students are enrolled at the Catholic university south of downtown Austin.

Amador said the university's reaction was not influenced by Monday's attack at Virginia Tech.

"No matter what day or when this would have happened, we will always take the necessary precautions to protect our students, our faculty, our staff, the entire university community," she said.

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