Sherman father's sons at Virginia Tech one building away from shooting

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SHERMAN -- Today has been a day of mourning after Monday’s deadliest campus shooting in U.S. history. It's also a day of thanks for one local man, whose sons who attend Virginia Tech because they are alive, and they were just one building away from where the shootings took place.

"I immediately tried to reach them on their cell phones and was able to reach both of them while they were still locked down."

When Sherman lawyer Garland Cardwell found out what was happening at Virginia Tech, nothing else seemed important.

His sons, Nick and Wes, both Denison High School graduates, are engineering students at Virginia Tech.

"I had trouble focusing...thinking about them and other students, are these kids they went to class with?"

Panic pierced the thoughts of parents everywhere, especially when school violence appears to be on the rise.

"This could happen here, so you start thinking, “What do we do about that?” How do we keep it from happening?"

At first school officials didn't know if the two shootings that took place were even related.

Cardwell says it's hard not to blame someone, or something.

"Any university is like a family anyway, so it's very difficult."

But certainly, the days and weeks to come will be the most difficult with families and friendships torn apart.

Slowly, the healing process may bring peace to those facing the tough reality.

"One minute you're grateful, the next you're almost crying... what could have been done... thinking about what some parents are going through."

Nick and Wes Cardwell plan to continue their education at Virginia Tech. The family says picking up and moving on is the only real way to overcome such terrible and evil actions.

We tried contacting Nick and Wes to talk about their experience during the shootings. Our phone calls were not returned.

But Garland says his sons, who live off campus, are doing just fine.

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