Tax deadline is today

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The deadline to mail those tax returns is upon us, but it's not too late to turn in your information to the IRS.

Postmasters say you can still drop your mail off in the collection boxes here until midnight tonight to meet the tax deadline.

The rain didn't keep people from coming into the post office today to mail their documents.

Usually the deadline is April 15th, but this year the deadline is the 17th, since Sunday was the 15th and yesterday was Emancipation Day.

Post office officials say when you're mailing your documents, use first class and make sure you use plenty of stamps.

But if you know your documents aren't ready to mail tonight, you can also file an extension.

The extension can be valid until October 15th.

"They should because they'll have to pay penalties if they wait until later but it's better to pay tonight if they can otherwise they'll be penalized if they owe money," said Cherie McCright at H&R Block.

You can still e-file your taxes and also an extension online at
But tax preparers say if you file late without an extension, you could be fined.

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