Ardmore searches for new police chief

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ARDMORE -- Just days after Ardmore Police Chief Jim Hughes announced his retirement; the City of Ardmore launches a nationwide search to name his replacement.

Ardmore officials say they're looking for a chief who keeps the channels of communication open within the department and is visible in the community.

With a shortage of law enforcement officers throughout the country, that task might not be an easy one.

You can find postings on major law enforcement job web sites, and the same consultants conducting the strategic planning study within the department are doing some searching of their own.

Once a candidate pool is selected, those applicants may undergo psychological tests, strict reference checks by an experienced law enforcement officer, and a round of interviews with a panel of judges.

Officials say they're hoping to find someone with ten years of experience and a bachelor's degree, but most of all, that person must emphasize internal communication and employment involvement, and be willing to get out and meet folks in the community.

When asked if he was going to apply, interim chief John Ryan said he didn't know about that yet.

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