Preventing a crisis

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ARDMORE -- As we learn more about Monday’s shooter at Virginia Tech, we keep hearing the question, “Could this tragedy have been prevented if those near him paid more attention to the warning signs?”

Paige Tebow looked at how one Ardmore organization strives to prevent a crisis like this one.

Folks at the C-SARA foundation have been training teachers, parents, and faculty members to recognize red flags that someone they love may hurt themselves or others.

They say only through education can tragedies like the one the world has watched unfold this week be prevented.

A group of teachers, social workers, and others in the community spent the day undergoing suicide prevention training.

Cho Seung Hui's peers describe him as a loner. His violent writings concerned his teachers. He was even booked into a mental institution after having thoughts of suicide.

Those are some of the same qualities C-SARA foundation officials talk about in their training sessions. They warn parents to watch for sudden change in behavior.

Dr. Harry Galoob at the C-SARA foundation says although it’s easy to overlook these characteristics. If one would take time out to pay attention, they could make a difference and maybe even save lives.

"If we can get this out in the public, training moms, dads and schoolteachers to recognize these problems in children, we may have opportunity to reduce the rate."

C-SARA officials have conducted crisis management training in just about every school in the area.

They're working on suicide intervention protocol for the Ardmore Higher Education Center.

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