9 Years Later - Bombing Aftermath Relived

(McAlester-AP) -- An Oklahoma City police officer is testifying in the Terry Nichols murder trial this afternoon about the scene in the minutes after the Oklahoma City bombing.

Sergeant Keith Simonds says the area was in chaos as "walking
wounded" came out of the bombed federal building. He says he had
followed a trail of broken store windows, thick smoke and streets
littered with debris after hearing reports of the explosion.

Simonds is one of two city police officers who will testify about the sites, sounds and smells in the minutes and hours immediately after the bombing.

Judge Steven Taylor cautioned jurors that some of the testimony will be unpleasant and warned them not to be swayed by emotion, sentiment and sympathy.

Nichols is charged with 161 counts of first-degree murder for the bombing and prosecutors are seeking the death penalty.