State's investigation nears end

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ARDMORE -- The Carter County Drug Task Force is no more.

Now we may be closer to hearing the results of a state investigation into that unit.

A multi-county grand jury has convened in Oklahoma City and officials say the Carter County Drug Task Force may be on its list of issues.

After money seized from a drug bust turned up missing, district attorney Craig Ladd called the State Attorney General's Office to investigate.

Officials say it is customary for investigators to brief the jury once their investigation wraps up. But proceedings are confidential, so it's anyone's guess which cases jurors will hear.

Once the grand jury is dismissed, they'll issue indictments where applicable and those that violated the law if any will be held responsible.

But for now, it’s wait and see.

The investigation, coupled with lack of money, forced Ladd to shut down the task force last month.

One investigator lost his job.

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