Gas compressor station proposed in Grayson Co.

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GRAYSON COUNTY -- Local residents are concerned over a natural gas compressor station.

It hasn't been built yet, but plans are already in progress.

In recent news headlines, natural gas pipelines have been a concern. In fact, just yesterday one exploded in Fort Worth.

Now a compressor station has been proposed right here in Grayson County.

Patricia Murphy and Katy Hayes both live in the small community of Cherrymound.

They both moved out there to enjoy the country rural life.

But that's about the change.

"The compressor station is going to be one property over and the proper pipeline comes right behind this tree line and on my property on the other side of that tree line."

Gulf Crossing Pipeline has chosen the community located near the Red River as its next spot for a compression station.

The 17-acre, 35,000 horsepower compressor will pump and push natural gas through an underground pipeline. It’s something would-be neighbors say poses a risk to their natural habitat.

"They will be incredibly noisy and it will smell. It's dangerous and has nighttime lights that shine. We won't be able to go outside our home without it being apparent that a dangerous natural gas compressor station is right up the hill from us.""

Stephen Gonzalez with Gulf Crossing Pipeline says that's not the case.

The new compression stations that are built he says are "quieter,” but residents want to know why gulf coast pipeline can't move the station a few more miles down the road to a less populated area.

"We have to provide the Federal Regulatory Commission with different options and demonstrate that we looked at different places where either our pipeline or any of our facilities could be placed, and they make a determination on what would have the least impact on the community."

But for now, these women and other local residents say they're going to fight.

There is a meeting set for tomorrow night at 7:00 at the Cherrymound Baptist Church, where residents can voice their concerns.

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