Colbert leaders to meet yet again

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COLBERT, Okla. -- A newly elected city council is set to act again on the status of the former police chief.

John Polston was fired, then re-hired, then fired again.

But Polston could get his job back tonight.

City leaders say the agenda for tonight's special meeting was posted at the Municipal Building after business hours on Friday and then faxed to the county clerk on Saturday.

The Oklahoma open meetings act says special meetings must have 48 hours advance notice, and this doesn't include weekends, but Colbert leaders say they still plan to meet tonight.

You may recall a meeting in Colbert that turned into a shouting match after police arrested council member Maurice Robinson ten minutes before a meeting was set to begin.

The council then voted to terminate Police Chief John Polston, after he was fired and then rehired a month before.

Tonight, city administrator Dick Rarrick says a newly elected council is set to discuss re-instating Polston again.

Bryan County clerk Pat Brady told KXII Michelle Weger called her on Saturday to see if Weger could file the agenda and said Weger didn't know about the 48-hour rule.

So Brady made a note, since this is a newly elected body.

City administrator Dick Rarrick wrote an open letter to the citizens of Colbert, expressing his frustration with this meeting, and calls it “obvious kangaroo court”.

The meeting is set to begin at 7 P.M. this evening.

Oklahoma state law states if anyone protests the legality of a meeting, it can be postponed until an agenda is submitted in the proper time frame.

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