Grenade scare at suburban Fort Worth elementary school

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SOUTHLAKE, Texas (AP) - Today's show-and-tell grenade scare is over at a suburban Fort Worth elementary school.

Police demolition experts have determined that a hand grenade brought to Old Union Elementary School in Southlake by a fourth-grader was inactive. That's what Carroll school district spokeswoman Julie Thannum tells KRLD Radio in Dallas.

Thannum says the student brought the grenade to school to show around, prompting the evacuation of the 530-student school in Southlake.

Thannum says the grenade still had the pin in and appeared to be
hollow. But the evacuation was ordered as a precaution and police
demolition experts brought in, who confirmed the device was a dud.

Thannum declined to say what action the student might face. She says the grenade was a war souvenir brought home from Iraq by a relative of the child.

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