Eyes on the skies

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As our area remains under a severe weather watch, other members of our community are watching the progress closely, making decisions on how to respond during emergency situations.

Bryan County Emergency Management Coordinator James Dalton says he watches the weather forecast everyday and gears up for days like today, when there’s potentially severe weather.

Dalton says he keeps in contact with the National Weather Service in Norman, Oklahoma, and looks at several different radars, tracking the path of storms.

He activated his storm trackers this afternoon.

These volunteers watch developments and track hail size, wind gusts, and if any twisters touch down.

If the weather becomes more severe, Dalton alerts local nursing homes, schools, and other community organizations.

Dalton recommends everyone have a battery powered radio so you can listen to weather alerts even if you lose power at home.

He also says to be on the lookout for storm spotters, and if you have a storm cellar, offer them shelter in the case of real danger.

Dalton also says storm spotters receive extensive training so it's important not to do your own spotting in dangerous weather, but seek shelter instead.

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