Wading through the waters

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GUNTER -- As the rains pelted down the only way home for some Gunter residents was to wade through the waters.

"Flooding with water about 8-10 inches deep over about 3 acres of my property," said John Rogers, a Gunter homeowner.

Roger’s lawn was completely submerged, creating what looked like a moat around his home. Although the water isn't inside his home he wondered if his vegetable garden will survive the storm.

Emergency crews closed some roads going through town, due to the rising water, and diverting. Residents reported the some roads completely under water.

"Earlier this afternoon, water was probably 2-3 in. off the roads and it's all drained off now. As long as it stops raining it will be good, but if it keep raining it could be worse," said Ron Baker, a Gunter resident.

Large storm drains helped keep some water at bay, but Rogers hopes the rain subsides overnight so he can survey the damage.

He says this kind of flooding has happened several times in the last few years near his home. He plans to ask the city of Gunter to look into the maintenance of drainage ditches in hopes it will keep that situation from happening again.

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