Accused child molester arrested in Stonewall

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Stonewall police chief Jason Teel received an anonymous tip that an accused child molester was living just two blocks from downtown.

He did some checking and it turns out the tip was correct. The fugitive had been in town for sometime using a different name.

Teel arrested Troy Jernigan, 52, from his home in the 200 block of North Harrison Tuesday.

Neighbors knew him as George Ford, but that's an alias he adopted in 1996 after he was arrested for molesting a ten-year-old boy in Temple, Texas.

He posted a $25,000 bond, then took off, first fleeing to Las Vegas, then California, and finally Stonewall.

Police say he managed to stay under the radar because he never obtained a driver's license, held a steady job, or got into trouble with the law.

Jernigan was booked into the Pontotoc County Jail on Tuesday, but he agreed to be extradited back to Bell County, Texas, where he'll face charges.

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